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Monday, March 28, 2005

Long tail marketing

Are you extremist designer, musician or author, may be just beginning your way to the scene? Suffering from low demand or objections from big publishers and producers. Don't worry. It's a 100% chance that your idea or product would be appreciated by somebody in our world.
"If 20th century economic was about hits, the 21th will be equally about misses"- says Christian Anderson in his Long Tail article in
Internet and decreasing distribution costs establish grownd and new rules for creative people as well as for visionary enterpreneurs to thrive in their niches.
Think about it! The 100% of success! Sounds Great!. Some interesting example for enterpreneurs here

Sunday, March 27, 2005


I’ve got some designs of bags, they are still sketches on paper. I learn Adobe Photoshop, so I think in near future I can draw them in computer to see if they look great in reality.
I’ve done one model of bag. It’s to be improved but I like the conception. Fresh, democratic. I even named it – fetish.

Do your homework!

It’s been several months I’m trying to find the professional in garments and accessories production, who could consult me and help to make the bag. Damn.
One day, I tried to do the work by myself. Got the leather sample, cut it and tried to assemble. Lost much sweat, but I got it done somehow.
I could see the disadvantages of model, to be improved. The point I got it’s not so hard and I can do it. I can....
The point I got You must investigate thoroughly the every detail of youк project, business, sample.
The more you know the better chances you go beyond of the limits of your thinking.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Looking for fashion diamonds?

If you look for fashion diamonds with discount you can find it from the link above.
There is the quite rich information on how to estimate and buy diamonds.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Search for new ideas in different cultures

I saw yesterday interesting program on TV about fashion trends in post-USSR countries. One of the aspect discussed was influence of west culture to the others, and how the Post-USSR countries quickly adopt the consumerism culture of West. But as I know West actively "consumers" the cultures of India, Japan, Afrika and East. Etno style is a really hot today. Just look at accessories(beaded), watches(Technomarine), clothes(beaded), music(Indian pop), books(Haruki Murakami).
Search for new ideas in other cultures may pour in amazing results

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Successes are unique

Seth Godin states his vision to achive success. If successes are always unique, may be they are the result of boring failures. The case studies are like hamburger you can eat it but it's not healthy solution. The great enjoy you can get if you cook yourself with your heart.

My mission statement

I said that I would talk about my experience of brand creating. OK. I’ll do more. It will be thrilling journey. Especially for me, the new in fashion industry. May be, a lack of knowledge of how works fashion business is a big disadvantage for me. But may be it’s a big plus. Sometimes outsider can do more than insider. It’s a question of vision and talent.
My lovely hobby is to invent new business-ideas and play with them, to think how would I promote them to see if it has a value.
The one that drives me- is to create the most beautiful accessories for mobile phones. I want to be the best
My mission is to bring beauty in communications. I want to create accessories that will be a equivalent to word “JEWELLERY”. Accessories, which will draw attention, lift the mood and make everybody take notice of you and envy.
I want to create accessories for young women having delicious taste for beauty around them, desire to differ, who love to communicate and have a good time, who want to live at full throttle!

That’s my mission.

That's my soul of future brand.